high cross monument co.

high cross monument co.

high cross monument co.

In the Celtic lands they are traditionally known as the High Crosses. Their beautiful and intricate carvings surely inspired awe in the people who first beheld them so long ago, as they still do today.

They are the inspiration for High Cross Monument Company. We take traditional Celtic designs from ancient manuscripts, metalwork, and stonework, and adapt them to create beautiful memorials which meet today’s needs. We believe that a memorial can, and should, be a reflection of the person it is created for. Our memorials are offered for those who seek a meaningful alternative to what is commonly available in the market today.

We offer convenience. No one will make the process of purchasing a memorial any easier. You never even have to leave your home. A few visits on the phone is usually all that is required. It is really a very simple process. To learn more click here.

We offer variety. Throughout this site you will be able to view a large number of pieces we have designed and carved for our customers. You will find all types of memorials; crosses, upright monuments and markers. The variety of finished memorials you will see is the result of carefully listening to what our customers like and want.

We offer memorials with traditional Celtic design work that is correctly laid out and carved. We are the only monument builder in the country which specializes in traditional Celtic design. Consequently, our knowledge and expertise in designing and carving traditional Celtic designwork is unsurpassed. If you are looking for a Celtic cross, upright monument or marker with traditional Celtic designwork, you will not find a wider selection or superior carving anywhere.

All of the memorial designs shown on this site are copyrighted and may not be used without the permission of High Cross Monument Co. We do act as a supplier for other memorialists. Currently only one other company has permission to use these images on their website. If you see these memorials on another site please let us know.


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