USA kilts

It’s for the highland athlete who doesn’t want to look like the guy in the skirt around all those imported Scottish kilts.

Our Casual Kilt is not like the Sporty kilts you see out there. Every one comes with tapered hips (to insure a proper fit), belt loops (fit a standard 1.5 inch belt), and a Velcro closure system. With our Perma Pleat™ system, you don’t have to iron it as often and when you do, it’s much easier! Each kilt is HAND PLEATED to a particular pattern (either to the Sett or to the Stripe), not machine pleated.

The Casual Kilts are made from Poly Viscose (and a select few tartans are cotton blends), which is an 11 oz machine washable fabric. Most of the tartans are registered and the few tartans that are not registered clan names are starred *.

Now recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, USA Kilts is ever-evolving to meet the needs of the kilt-wearing public. From casual to wool kilts, we’re still producing custom-made garments on a made-to-order basis. Come on in and check out what we have to offer!


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