andante percussion

andante percussion

andante percussion

‘Andante Percussion’ was formally established by Sam and Frank Hodgen in November 1986. Sam and Frank were both experienced band players with over 80 years’ collective experience as musicians.

The inspiration for the business came about when the pipe band with which Sam and Frank were playing in at the time, were experiencing technical problems with their drums.

The structure of the drums, being used, were not sufficiently strong to adapt to the new woven ‘Kevlar Top’ playing head.

Sam sought to search the market for a better performing alternative, however was unable to acquire a product which was an improvement over what the band was already working with. It was at this point where the idea of designing and producing a world class drum product was conceived in Rathfriland, Co.Down.

Outside of music, Sam had gained over twenty years’ experience in engineering and design. He was able to apply this experience to the design and manufacture of a new drum. This new drum would soon become known as the globally acclaimed ‘Andante drum.’

30 years on, the business is now in the process of extending its products, factory and workforce in a bid to meet growing demand. The custom finish (provided by Andante) sets the brand apart from its rivals, and provides customers with an opportunity to tailor the product to suit their bespoke specification.

Andante intend to continuously explore and advance the technology and design of Percussion Instruments for Marching Bands across the world. Andante products are now being used by well renowned Marching Bands and Solo Drummers worldwide. The profile of Andante’s customers is testament to the unrivalled quality of the product.

Andante is proud to be a family owned market leading business. usly explore and advance the Percussion Instruments for Marching Bands.


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andante percussion

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