andreas rogge pipe maker

andreas rogge pipe maker

andreas rogge pipe maker

In 1979 curiosity to learn more about Irish music brought me to Ireland. Fascinated by the sound of the Uilleann Pipes I searched for one of the few pipe makers and finally found Matt Kiernan in Dublin.

Since I was still studying at the time, my enthusiasm for the instrument was far greater than my financial means. A state of affairs which, together with mutual sympathy, led to me helping out in Matt’s workshop to finance my stay in Ireland.

All in all I spent a good three years in Ireland, during which Matt taught me the basics of bagpipe making. Back in Germany, I soon set up a workshop and made German and French bagpipes in addition to the uilleann pipes.

Since 1983 I have been making other types of bagpipes as well, but I specialize in Uilleann Pipes.

Among others I have made instruments for…

  • Liam Ó’Flynn
  • Sean Potts
  • Gay Mc Keon
  • Robbie Hannan
  • Peter Browne
  • Martin Nolan
  • Johannes Schiefner
  • Tom Clarke
  • Brian McNamara
  • Kierán Ó’Malley
  • Nollaigh MacCarteigh

the instruments

The concert pitch instrument is based upon an instrument by Leo Rowsome.

The pipes in B are a modified copy of an instrument by Colgan (owned by Jimmy O´Brien-Moran)

The C# set is a modified copy of Seamus Ennis’ Coyne set

The C and Bb are of my own design, inspired by the style of Colgan

On the following pages you can find the current catalogue and the prices.


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andreas rogge pipe maker

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