the wallace pipeband

the wallace pipeband

the wallace pipeband

In October 1998, The Wallace Pipe Band was founded. The majority of members from other bands and have proven their abilities in the past. Obviously, as many association has experienced , The Wallace Pipe Band also was not spared from problems in the establishment . These problems were solved by the determination and ability of the founding members in a quick and easy way .

Under the expert guidance of Pipe Major Johnny Noels band grew into a thriving association. Early 2006 Johnny passed the torch to his son Tom, who until now has been Pipe Major . The band celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008 . Finding an appropriate name …

One of the first problems that appeared was of course to find a suitable name and the inspiration for this was sought in the far-famed and rich history of Scotland.

It soon became clear that the figure of William Wallace had been very important. The 13th - 14th century folk hero fought for an independent Scotland, against the British Royal Family . ( The story of the struggles of William Wallace was filmed a few years ago. Braveheart , with Mel Gibson in the role of William Wallace , was a great success. )

Wallace sought after nationalism , as opposed to feudalism was that in most European countries apply. In Scotland William Wallace everyone would have complete freedom and equality.

These same objectives we pursue, and therefore the name Wallace was more than appropriate. However, it was first stated that this name would be . Not simply use The necessary correspondence was sent and finally obtained the approval of the Wallace Trust. In a personal letter Seoras Wallace , Clan Chief and Chief Executive of the Trust Wallace said that he was a noble initiative and the name Wallace could be used.


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