flemish caledonian pipes and drums

flemish caledonian pipes and drums

flemish caledonian pipes and drums

“The Flemish Caledonian Pipes and Drums – Clan MacKenzie” is a typical Scottish pipe band based in Ghent. The members come from all regions of the Flemish part of the country and of course have a warm heart for Scottish music and culture.

The band was founded in 1989 in collaboration with the Flemish Caledonian Society and quickly grew into one of the largest pipe and drum bands in Belgium.

One of the first mentors was Malcolm MacKenzie. “Malky” MacKenzie was a pipe major with the highly regarded Red Hackle Pipe Band from Glasgow. He took on the sponsorship of the band. This explains the suffix ”Clan MacKenzie” in the band name. As a tribute to Malcolm MacKenzie, we wear the tartan of his clan, the MacKenzie Seaforth Highlanders.

The band has also been officially affiliated with the MacKenzie clan in Scotland for about fifteen years.

Friendship is our main motivation and competitiveness is not for us, but we always strive for the best level that is achievable for the band. This allows not only top players to enjoy playing the Scottish bagpipe, but that every player can be proud after the performance and enjoy the reactions from the enthusiastic audience.

Our band currently has 28 playing members and 10 students. Under the direction of Pipe Major Bob Minnekeer, Pipe Major Jelle Haudenhuyse and Drum Sergeant Pluim Ghysels, we perform a variety of Scottish traditionals, interspersed with some more modern interpretations.

The highlight of our annual operation was our “Celtic Weekend” in Merelbeke for 20 years. After a nice anniversary edition, the board has decided to look at a new formula, which will see the light in 2018.

In 2017, our association celebrated its 28th anniversary.

In addition, we of course have a lot of performances within the national borders with various concerts, tattoos and double concerts as highlights. Outside the borders, we took part in various tattoos in the Netherlands, France and Germany, among others. But above all, our participation in 2006 in the annual tattoo in Inverness, Scotland, remains etched in our hearts as a highlight.de de noten van elkaar te scheiden.


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