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The begin your journey in piping you will need a two things:


This is a directory of instructors on our website and by no means a complete list thats available. You can browse for instructors by geographical location below.

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Join a Pipeband

If you wish to learn how to play the pipes, I would highly recommend that beginners locate a local pipeband who are accepting new students.

Pipebands by Area

Contact a Local PIper

If joining a pipeband is not an option, then seek a local piper in your area that may offer or know who may offer local private lessons. Here are links to pipers by geographical area.

Pipers by Area

Online Instructors

A third choice is to seek an instructor that offers online instruction. Several of the pipers in our directory offer both local and remote learning.

Piping Workshops

Another great way to immerse yourself in increasing your piping proficiency is attend weekend, summer or weekly Piping workshops. There are a couple of piping colleges that offer instruction year round.

There are several piping workshops, some have regular yearly schedules and others pop up here or there and are usually hosted by a pipeband or piping associations.