Bagpiper Available throughout Illinois. I wear the Irish National tartan and the MacDonald of Clanranald (Scottish) tartan.

My Bagpipe Journey

I am a retired Captain of the Illinois State Police. In 2004 I began piping with the ISP Pipes and Drums, the oldest state law enforcement pipe band in America. I still play with the band today. During my 17 year bagpipe journey I’ve also played with two private competition bands and made numerous solo appearances at weddings, funerals, and corporate events.


My experience performing at ceremonies and funerals is extensive. I’ve performed solo before two Illinois Governors (Quinn, Rauner), at the Illinois Supreme Court, and twice on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives. I was the soloist at the memorial for Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, and most recently played at the funeral of former Governor James R. Thompson. In 2012 I appeared with the Illinois Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble in Michael Schelle’s “The End Of The Word.”

My pipes have been played to celebrate the commissioning of new State Troopers and at numerous promotion ceremonies and award ceremonies. My greatest honor, however, was to play at the funerals of fallen Illinois State Troopers and other law enforcement officers throughout the state.

My Pipes

Bagpipes are unique, hand-crafted instruments. Over the years I’ve bought-and-sold many sets of bagpipes, chasing that “perfect tone.” Here are my current sets:

Set #1 - An 1890 David Glen reproduction pipe crafted from Royal Mexican Ebony and artificial ivory. (pictured on this page) These pipes are glorious. David Glen is considered one of the greatest pipe makers of all time for a reason. On this pipe I play an ABW McCallum McC2 solo chanter and Ezeedrone drone reeds.

Set #2 - A custom Chris Armstrong pipe in African Blackwood with hand engraved ferrules and ring caps. This is a modern set with great harmonics. On this pipe I play a Colin Kyo solo chanter and Rocket drone reeds.

Set #3 - Gibson small pipes in African Blackwood (pictured on my home page). The lower volume of small pipes are perfect for performing indoors at places such as funeral homes and at dinner parties. This is the set I’m playing on the “Listen” page of this website. The middle drone is a baritone, which gives the pipe a deeper, more complex sound.


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