geoff jones

geoff jones

geoff jones

Elizabeth Town (Tasmania).

Tasmanian-based piper, Geoff Jones - I play several different types of bagpipes, each having their own unique sound.

The Great Highland Bagpipe (the ’normal’, ’loud’ bagpipe) is suitable for creating a Scottish ambience, whether loud and fast dance music or airs and marches for a solemn occasion.

The Scottish Smallpipe has a much quieter and mellow sound, more suited for indoor performances.

These pipes go well with other folk instruments such as fiddle, whistle, accordion, guitar, and c.

The Northumbrian Smallpipe has a similar sound to the Scottish Smallpipe, but a little ‘sweeter’.

The tunes I play are suitable for each occasion and range from traditional Scottish and Irish to contemporary and non-traditional songs.

Tune requests are most welcome, with reasonable advanced notification.

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geoff jones

  • Tasmania
  • Elizabeth Town, Tasmania, australia
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